Kalitec Medical is fueled by consistent controlled organic growth and a strong commitment to quality. Kalitec is driven to develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance the surgical experience and provide surgeons the tools necessary to create optimum conditions for ideal patient outcomes.


CosmoLock® II

The CosmoLock® II Pedicle Screw System is designed to enhance the surgeon’s intraoperative spine surgery experience while treating complex pathologies of the thoracolumbar spine. The system is fully comprehensive and features ergonomic, sleek and intuitive instrumentation. 

CosmoLock® MIS

The CosmoLock® MIS System offers an optimal minimally invasive solution capable of treating a myriad of pathologies in the thoracic and lumbar spine. The system is designed to be extremely low profile and simple to use, while providing intuitive surgeon friendly instrumentation.

The Matira™ Anterior Cervical System is designed to enhance the surgeons intraoperative experience when treating pathologies of the cervical spine. The system offers best-in-class hyper-angulation of screws, allowing for additional operating freedom. 



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In 2010, our founder had a vision to create a self-sustaining implant company that could compete with the large manufacturers by addressing the cost containment initiatives that were dramatically impacting the medical industry. In 2012, our family-owned company made a conscious decision to transition Kalitec to employee owned and operated.


At what is now, Kalitec Medical, we translate our passion for product development with relentless commitment and attention to detail to create the next successful product. We conduct business to ensure the highest standard for product quality, abidance to ethical conduct, and compliance with government regulations. Our commitment to these practices enables us to continually improve product and process efficacy, safety, and cost containment objectives currently impacting our industry.


After building a stable environment within our company focusing on quality and consistency, we now find ourselves in a place to take advantage of exciting new advances in modern manufacturing to create cutting-edge technologies that we believe will greatly impact the industry with increased efficacy and positive patient surgical outcomes. 


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